Mineral Sand

Multoslip is ideal for the lining of surface where “hanging up” is a problem and low friction qualities are needed

  • Bunkers and silos
  • Transport and storage bins
  • Screen underpans
  • Fines chutes
  • Filter press chutes
  • Transfer points on conveyor systems
  • Dump Trucks
  • Magnetite bunkers Fixing Methods Rubber backed – Sheets can be effectively glued in place using cold vulcanising adhesive where mechanical fastening systems cannot be used Sheets – Various mechanical fastening systems can be used and the utmost care is taken during installation to achieve best results

Multotec screen support frames are custom made to suit the machine and the application. They are available for a wide range of vibrating screens and can be either of huck bolted or welded construction or a combination design

Polyurethane Cast Screening Systems Multotec’s hand cast polyurethane facility offers a wide range of products designed to suit your requirements. Heavy-duty modular screen panels, large bolt-down panels, polyurethane sievebends, liners, jig panels and accessories. All Multotec panels are designed with self-relieving apertures resulting in unimpeded downward movement of sized particles.

Custom designed to meet client requirements
Multotec cyclone distributors are fabricated from mild steel and lined internally with rubber or alumina tiles
Highly qualified metallurgical staff, ensure prompt and accurate advice on all aspects of cyclone sizing and distributor design
The Multotec cyclone distributors are designed to be compact in order to minimise the floor area required, but still provide adequate space for access and maintenance

Through extensive testing and simulations, Multotec Process Equipment has proved that both the scrolled evolute and ribbon inlet designs have a higher capacity when compared to the inlet designs. These designs substantially reduce vortex finder wear, thereby reducing operating costs while maximising Cyclone efficiency.

A full range of self driven trommel screens is available from 1000mm to 4000mm in diameter and from 3000mm to 15000mm long engineered to suit the required duty
Advance Finite Element Analysis used to design the trammel frame
Frame stress relieved and NDT tested
Frame rubber lined to extended life
Direct drive through the discharge end of the trammel either with fixed speed electric motor through a gearbox or variable speed hydraulic drive
Speed panels either modular or bolt-down in a wide selection of apertures
Scrolls / weir bars available in different height configurations to suit the pulp volume
Scrolls / weir bars manufactured either integral to the panel or bolt down
Can be supplied complete with feed and discharge arrangements to suit requirements

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