Chromite is found in peridotite from the Earth's mantle. It also occurs in layered ultramafic intrusive rocks. In addition, it is found in metamorphic rocks such as some serpentinites. Ore deposits of chromite form as early magmatic differentiates. It is commonly associated with olivine, magnetite, serpentine, and corundum. The vast Bushveld igneous complex of South Africa is a large layered mafic to ultramafic igneous body with some layers consisting of 90% chromite making the rare rock type, chromitite. The Stillwater igneous complex in Montana also contains significant chromite
  • Manufactured in single, twin, triple or quadruple starts
  • 1000mm in diameter
  • 5 turn units
  • Tonnage rating per start from 5.0tph to 9.0tph depending on mineral type
  • Ideal for treatment of low grade ore, where large tonnages are processed
  • Plant footprint reduction of more than 33% depending on configuration and mineral treated over conventional spirals

Polyurethane Cast Screening Systems Multotec’s hand cast polyurethane facility offers a wide range of products designed to suit your requirements. Heavy-duty modular screen panels, large bolt-down panels, polyurethane sievebends, liners, jig panels and accessories. All Multotec panels are designed with self-relieving apertures resulting in unimpeded downward movement of sized particles.

The Seprotech Rapid Filter Press fills like any normal filter press with top corner feed. If required, membrane squeeze takes place at the end of the dewatering cycle to further dewater the filter cakes. Membrane squeeze is also required during cake blow to prevent the short circuiting of air, thus ensuring improved moisture content.

Purification or concentration of dry granular materials.

Size range: 75 microns up to 40mm.

High intensity Rare Earth permanent magnets, 10000 Gauss.

Rolls 100 and 300mm diameter, up to 1500mm wide; multiple pass configurations easily arranged.

Rubber has the ability to absorb energy because it has higher inner losses when exposed to dynamic strains. This means that the sound radiation from a rubber surface decreases considerably. A rubber thickness of 40mm or more reduces noise levels to the point where the use of earplugs is avoided

Less wear results in longer life with substantial cost savings
Reduced downtime, at both initial installation and replacement, resulting in increased production
Scheduled maintenance for component replacement reducing unplanned stoppages and increases production
Use of low weight, soft rubber makes it user friendly, safe to handle and install, and reduces the risk of injury
Rubber reduces noise by up to 50% while reduction in weight results in increased output and production
Excellent properties of rubber and attachment system reduces risk of flushing behind lining and eliminates leakage through bolt holes resulting in further cost savings
Clogging virtually eliminated on wear plates resulting in increased production
Reduced vibration to metal structures reduces maintenance costs

Technical Information New developments and dimensions The reversible seivebend housing can have either a pneumatic or hydraulic tilting system incorporated into the swivel mechanism for:

  • Reduced labour requirements
  • Improved safety conditions
  • Reduced chance of feed error (set to lift housing flush with feed chute)

Custom designed to meet client requirements
Multotec cyclone distributors are fabricated from mild steel and lined internally with rubber or alumina tiles
Highly qualified metallurgical staff, ensure prompt and accurate advice on all aspects of cyclone sizing and distributor design
The Multotec cyclone distributors are designed to be compact in order to minimise the floor area required, but still provide adequate space for access and maintenance

Through extensive testing and simulations, Multotec Process Equipment has proved that both the scrolled evolute and ribbon inlet designs have a higher capacity when compared to the inlet designs. These designs substantially reduce vortex finder wear, thereby reducing operating costs while maximising Cyclone efficiency.

A Patented design with inter-connecting apertures and alternative solid dams of different thicknesses make the screen panel non-pegging and non blinding

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