Multotec Market Share at All-time High

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Leading mineral process solutions provider Multotec’s market share is at an all-time high, which is attributed to growth achieved during the healthy pre-recession minerals boom which was carefully conserved during the global economic crisis and has since provided a sound platform for continued advancement.

“We’re delighted with the increases in our market share, which we believe is a direct result of our ongoing R&D and the resultant technical innovations we’ve been able to introduce,” Multotec’s Fernando Monteiro, says.

“For instance, Multotec has occupied a space in the gravity concentrator spirals arena since 1987 and this technology has continued to evolve and develop over the years. Several differentiating factors have been included in our designs, such as the use of special bonding agents which prevents delamination ensuring continuous high performance as well as the mechanical integrity of spirals.

“In the past two to three years we’ve achieved success with certain modifications to the spirals that have given us a real competitive advantage in terms of the efficiency of this equipment. A great example of this is the SC20-7 spiral used in iron ore processing which is yielding an excellent metallurgical performance. The inclusion of sliding splitters facilitates improved recoveries, while an upgraded profile boosts separation efficiencies. One of the latest developments includes a modified product box.”

The Multotec NHM spiral was developed specifically to treat low grade mineral sands and is one of the company’s latest offerings for maximum recovery of heavy minerals. The Multotec NHM spiral is a modification and replacement of the previous SC22 spiral.

The pitch of the NHM spiral is shallower to accommodate low grade heavy mineral sands. With a trough of 700 mm diameter, this spiral has the capacity to handle between 1 to 2.3 tons per hour of dry solids tonnage at a weight solids dilution of 30 to 35%.

The spiral trough comprises 7¾ turns and is fitted with sliding splitters on turns three and five. The spiral can be configured to a maximum of a triple start arrangement and is fitted with a universal product box. The Multotec NHM spiral is ideally suited for low grade feeds and is best suited for rougher and scavenger type applications, where the feed grade is traditionally low.

Multotec recently delivered NHM and SC20 spirals to process minerals from an operation in the Birzulovo ilmenite deposit in South Ukraine. This, together with a recent order from India for a similar industry, has firmly positioned us as one of the leading players in the international heavy mineral and mineral sands markets.

Multotec has manufactured and supplied sampling equipment under license to Siebtechnik GmbH in Germany since 1987 and has become a market leader in the design and supply of dry cross belt sampling installations in Africa.

“On the sampling side, we’ve done extremely good work on the Tru-Belt® sampler — a dry belt sampler used in minerals processing,” Monteiro says. “This innovative piece of equipment assures sampling theory compliance and delivers a truly representative sample.”

The sampler’s design is based on existing go-belt technology, but incorporates several design features which guarantee the structural absence and near elimination of sample bias. In this further improved cross belt design, the material is sampled only after it has been removed from the belt in a manner that gives every fragment originally on the belt, the same probability of ultimate selection into the sample. The sampler design complies with international sampling standards and is suitable for conveyor belt widths from 450 mm to 2,400 mm.

Multotec has collaborated with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia's national science agency, on the Tru-Belt® sampler, where discrete element modeling (DEM) has been harnessed to confirm its efficiency.

Magnetic separation
Monteiro comments that in the years following Multotec’s purchase of Magnapower in October 2007, the company has put a great deal of energy into mechanical development work to advance this magnetic separation equipment. As a result, certain products in this range have now achieved a dominant role in the marketplace as a result of their excellent performance. Multotec recently supplied its largest order to date for low intensity magnetic separators, destined for a South African coal mine.

“We’ve also done excellent work on drums for the Brazilian market harnessing our medium intensity magnetic separators,” he says.