HX5 High Capacity Mineral Spiral Concentrators

  • Manufactured in single, twin, triple or quadruple starts
  • 1000mm in diameter
  • 5 turn units
  • Tonnage rating per start from 5.0tph to 9.0tph depending on mineral type
  • Ideal for treatment of low grade ore, where large tonnages are processed
  • Plant footprint reduction of more than 33% depending on configuration and mineral treated over conventional spirals
Feed Box 
  • Solid polyurethane casting
  • Impact wall provides longer life
  • Design ensures homogenous pulp mix
  • Replaceable
Auxiliary Splitters 
  • Solid polyurethane casting
  • Collects high density material
  • Collected material is channelled into a specific product box outlet
  • Improves metallurgical performance

Distributor and Piping
  • Robust, galvanised steel shell
  • Cast polyurethane lining
  • Replaceable parallel throat orifice
  • Anti-syphoning off-takes
  • Rigid H.D.P.E. piping
  • Modular polyurethane elbows
  • Top or bottom fed
Spiral Trough 
  • Accurately manufactured by reverse lamination
  • Working surface is sprayed with polyurethane to required thickness (+/-0.5mm tolerence)
  • Rubber integral edge
    - Improves circumferential strength
    - Prevents spillage
    - Integrally cast
    - Ribbed for extra strength
Product Box and Splitters 
  • Solid lightweight polyurethane casting
  • Splitter calibration
  • Box design assures no solids build-up
  • Linked reinforced splitters
  • Splitters are independent to trough surface and offer knife edge cutting of pulp stream
  • Three or four products

Modular Housing Frame

  • Each module houses two spiral assemblies
  • Upper level walkway
  • Access cat ladder
  • Can be fully dismantled for retrofitting
  • Hot dip galvanised to prevent corrosion
  • Optional features:
    - Safety handrails
    - Cat Ladder Hoops
    -  Toe Plate


  • L.D.P.E. with cast polyurethane lining for long life
  • Lightweight rigid construction
  • Discharge flange to customer specification
  • Launders can be bolted to spiral frame
  • Design allows for spiral products direct discharge into launder

Multotec offers its clients

  • Testwork on spiral concentrators, laboratory or pilot plant
  • Consultation regarding spirals and plants
  • Design assistance to clients
  • Commissioning of spiral plant and equipment
  • Optimisation of spiral plants
  • Spiral plants for rental or purchase