About Us

For over 40 years, Multotec has helped companies in the mining, mineral processing, petrochemical and power generation industries optimise their operations through the development and manufacture of high-quality, application-specific process equipment and solutions.

Offered as part of a total processing solution, in which Multotec partners clients for the lifespan of their plant or extractive application, Multotec’s expertise optimise production processes to ensure a lower cost-per-ton.

Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, Multotec has branches throughout Africa, Australia, South America and North America. The Multotec Group has numerous ISO 9001: 2000 certified manufacturing facilities that are equipped with highly sophisticated equipment to develop products that drive value to our customers’ production.

Multotec’ mineral processing solutions include

  • Screening Media Solutions
  • Mineral Processing Equipment Solutions
  • Sampling Solutions
  • Wear Solutions
  • Mill & Scrubber Lining Solutions
  • Solid/Liquid Separation Solutions
  • Conveyor System Solutions
  • Armour Protection Products

Research and Development

Multotec’s R&D is geared towards enhancing product speed to market; high levels of product consistency and reliability; OEMs assuming the role of solution providers; and the recycling of customer’s products at the end of their working life. In providing high-quality product compounds, Multotec also invests significantly in the relative material science.

Essential in the optimum performance and maintenance requirements of your plant, Multotec’s condition monitoring system, Hawkeye™, is a predictive software tool that provides accurate data on product lifecycles and replacement rates, which allows a more accurate prediction of service intervals, scheduled downtime, and more.

Multotec manufactures the following process solutions

Screening Media Solutions

Multotec manufactures a range of screening and flotation solutions. Screening products are segmented between polyurethane screens, rubber screen, wedge wire screens and composite screens. Flotation panels can be polyurethane or rubber-lined, or assembled from custom materials according to application requirements.

Mineral Processing Equipment Solutions

Multotec manufactures a high quality array of mineral processing and distribution equipment for both classification and dense medium applications especially suited for the heavy mineral and coal industries. It uses 3D design tools, detailed Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and correct specifications of wear-resistant materials to develop a solution to suit your process flow sheet.

Sampling Solutions

As a global leader in the design and supply of sampling solutions, our specialists have experience in all aspects of sampling and preparation over an extensive range of mineral applications. This enables the selection of the correct and most cost-effective sampling according to your application requirements.

Wear Solutions

Multotec wear resistant lining solutions are built from advanced wear resistant ceramics and other wear lining materials, and enhance the mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic conveyance of highly abrasive materials.

Mill & Scrubber Lining Solutions

Mill and scrubber linings from Multotec are specifically designed  from rubber or rubber composite liners for each application.  On-going design improvements and high service levels result in extended periods between shuts and an improved grind. A focus on good fitment of liners results in reduced downtime for installations resulting in increased production

Solid/Liquid Separation Solutions

Multotec’s solid/liquid separation and filtration solutions are used through the world in chemical and mineral processing and in coal or water treatment plants. The range of products includes Siebtechnik centrifuges, Seprotech rapid filter presses and Ishigaki filters and polishing filters.

Conveyor System Solutions

Multotec markets, distributes, installs and services MATO brand products for its conveyor system solutions. MATO products are proven to reduce downtime and increase savings on overheads through lower wear, product longevity and easy installation.

Armour Protection Products

Multotec engineers advanced ceramics and ballistic projectile protection systems for personnel, motor vehicles, aircraft and ships. The ceramics are lightweight without compromising strength and can be customised according to your application, whether it be for commercial, private or military use.

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