Armour Plates

Armour plates from Multotec – the ArmohTec brand – provide military, police forces and security companies with high-hardness ceramic armour for protecting vehicles; personnel;and aviation, naval and industrial assets.

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These armour plates are designed in response to modern ballistic requirements to provide effective protection against all modern ammunition from handguns and rifles, including high-velocity armour-piercing bullets.

  • High Young’s modulus
  • High fracture toughness
  • High hardness
  • Low mass per ceramic area / low aerial density
  • High sonic velocity

We’ve developed armour protection products for over 35 years! Our armour plates are customisable to your application in terms of shape, sizes, angle of impact and thickness, so you can implement optimum ballistic protection for your personnel and vehicles. Our ceramic armour range also includes a specially developed female breastplate using our armour plates.

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ArmohTec armour plates for vehicles

Our range of ceramic armour includes:

ArmohTec Vehicle Armour

Our alumina-based armour plates are an effective defence against all sorts of modern bullets. They are a cost-effective, simple solution for any vehicle in military, law enforcement and security applications.

These armour plates are available in hexagonal, rectangular and square tiles in various sizes (10 to 150 mm) and thickness (3 to 50 mm), and can be supplied loose or engineered-to-order for your application.

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ArmohTec Body Armour

Our ceramic armour plates represent the latest wearable bullet-proof technology for personnel, delivered as a monolithic, low-weight solution that keeps the wearer unencumbered.

We can supply these armour plates in various shapes; sizes; single-, double- and multi-curved; as well as SAPI plates. The thickness of the armour plates ranges from 3 to 15 mm. Our body armour range includes a much-needed plate anatomically designed to the female form.

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