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3D Prototyping
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Multotec makes extensive use of various Computer Aided Design (CAD) packages to translate customer needs into detailed specifications suitable to manufacture, support and maintain equipment during its product life cycle.

In creating designs for over 40 years, a large legacy database exists for 2D drawings, but the benefits in productivity and automation has led Multotec to increase the drawing offices to 3D capacity. Read more about 3D prototyping here. A key focus area is the use of 3D parametric capabilities to reproduce variants of particular models.

Multotec is committed to lowering your cost per ton processed

Multotec recognises that creating value for our clients requires customisation. In particular, Multotec has established and continues to enhance technological capability, also recognising that customisation requires an on-going investment in resources and time.

Equipment quality is our assurance to you

As an ISO 9001 certified company, Multotec guarantees product quality through regular audits of systems and processes. In addition, Multotec has achieved product certification according to European Union legislation and is therefore able to display the CE mark on products originating from South Africa. 

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