Cyclone Audits

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Multotec’s cyclone audits identify problematic feed and discharge configurations which may have adverse effects on cyclone efficiencies. Wear profiles of the different cyclone parts provide valuable information in terms of the cyclone design and operating conditions.

These audits provide important information in terms of maintenance schedules and fault diagnosis and, in turn, lead to potential improvements on the cyclone designs – ultimately resulting in reduced maintenance downtime.  This is achieved by identifying visual problem areas in the cyclones’ operating parameters, which directly influences the cyclones’ efficiency.  

Cyclone audit benefits

  • Cyclone design improvements
  • Reduced maintenance downtime
  • Improved cyclone efficiency


Cyclone audits also identify problematic feed and discharge configurations which could have adverse effects on cyclone efficiencies and, when used with a sampling campaign, can be used to evaluate and optimise the cyclone configuration for the specific application.

Identify cyclone design challenges and help improve cyclone design with Multotec cyclone audits

Audited cyclone equipment

Multotec’s knowledge and specialised expertise in this field gives it a distinct edge over our competitors. Cyclone audits are conducted on the following equipment:


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