Field Service Maintenance

Multotec’s entire range of mineral processing equipment is backed by extensive field service and maintenance agreements, ensuring longevity and superior product performance.

With over 40 years of application experience and technicians based around the world, our team of skilled engineers have a full understanding of global mineral processing challenges and conduct regular field service and maintenance site visits, to ensure your mineral processing operation is functioning to its full potential.

Understanding that proper maintenance can extend the lifespan of your mineral processing equipment, Multotec’s range of condition monitoring products ensures your plant continuously operates at optimum efficiency.

More than an equipment supplier; when you partner with Multotec our team of skilled engineers will:

  • Conduct an onsite application-specific plant and process audits to assess your site-specific needs
  • We offer screening audits, cyclone audits, spiral audits, mill audits and wear audits
  • Advise you on which of our diverse range of products would best optimise your production
  • Draft technical drawings using state-of-the-art technology measuring all critical parameters to develop a completely unique solution, as part of our extensive design capabilities  
  • Refine or customise our products to suit your requirements in our dedicated CAD drawing and tooling room 
  • Deliver your optimised solution to your site
  • Install or retrofit your solution onsite, taking into account your process flow sheet 
  • Conduct testing to ensure optimal operation and seamless integration 
  • Install our patented condition monitoring software that will monitor your entire process, from operational flow to product performance 
  • Partner with you for on-going field service and maintenance with our strategically placed, mobile service crew

Site visits:

With representation across the world, Multotec is able to conduct site visits to all our customers in order to advise on proper maintenance protocols. In these site visits, Multotec reaffirms our partnership with you – based on achieving overall plant optimisation and not just a product supply. Contact us today to schedule a site visit.

We are committed to achieving overall process optimisation in your plant!

At Multotec, we provide more than mineral processing equipment, but constantly strive to assist you in achieving your overall business goals. This is why when you partner with Multotec, you don’t just get a diversified product offering, but form a relationship based on product refinement, a true understanding of process flow sheets and field service and maintenance.

Achieve your business goals with Multotec!

Get maximum value from your mineral processing equipment with our specialised services