Gold trommel

Gold trommel screens from Multotec accurately classify ore masses by size as required by your application. They are engineered for high impact and abrasion resistance, and can handle feed rates up to 5 000 m3/hr.

Our range of gold trommel systems includes trommels with modular and cast panels and mill trommels.

  • Gold trommel diameter: 950 – 5 500 mm
  • Gold trommel length: 1 200 – 5 500 mm
  • Stress-relieved and NDT-tested trommel frames
  • Real-time wear and performance monitoring with Hawkeye™

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Installed at the end of grinding mills, our gold trommel screens provide effective separation between coarse material and the fine slurry. These rotary screening systems are fitted with screen panels to achieve the cut points your process requires.

Our gold trommels are designed using the latest Finite Element Analysis (FEA) techniques. In considering process parameters such as load, the oversize, particle size distribution, solids SG and environmental conditions, Multotec’s design criteria allows for the reduction of structural operational stresses to improve the life and performance of the gold trommel.

Our gold trommel systems include:

Trommel Screens with Modular Panels 

Trommels below 2.5 m in diameter use modular 305 x 305 mm screen panels. This modularity lowers maintenance and can easily adapt to your process requirements.

Large Trommel Screens with Cast Polyurethane Panels 

Trommel diameters greater than 2.5 m, are supplied with heavy-duty cast polyurethane panels. Innovative designs maintain structural integrity, improve processing reliability and reduce downtime.

Mill Trommels

Especially suited in gold trommel applications, our high-capacity mill trommels enhance ore screening and washing performance during your gold trommel screening operation.

Hawkeye™ Condition Monitoring

Hawkeye™ records and monitors wear and performance data of the trommel screen. This reduces the chances of unplanned stoppages, and allows historical comparison of trommel performance.

Designing a gold trommel frame for your application

The feed end flange is designed to be compatible with the mill flange. The machined face of the flange has a compatible bolting arrangement to the mill discharge trunnion flange.

The internal diameter of the feed-end flange or feed-end liners is designed to be the same diameter as the mill discharge or mill discharge liners. The trommel feed end liners can also have a slightly larger diameter to create an outwards step to compensate for wear of the mill discharge liners.


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