Iron Ore Concentration

Iron ore concentration is a mineral-specific concentration process within the mineral processing industry. Multotec has custom-developed mineral processing concentration equipment to suit all requirements pertinent to iron ore concentration.

Iron ore concentration equipment from Multotec has been designed to increase the percentage of valuable iron ore extracted from your concentrate.

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Iron ore concentration solutions 

Our core business is around supplying products and services to the mineral processing industry. Our aim is to reduce capital and operating costs, increase uptime and, essentially, optimise mineral processing procedures. Our equipment has proven to be ideal for iron ore concentration

Dense medium cyclones from Multotec are the ultimate in alumina tiled cyclone engineering design, and minimise turbulence. Our dense medium cyclones are cast in 27% high chrome cast iron, providing maximum wear resistance in harsh operating conditions. This means reduced maintenance requirements and less plant downtime.

The Longi-Multotec Heavy Media Drum Separator (HMDS), supplied in standard drum sizes of 900 and 1 200 mm diameter, and widths from 1.2 to 3 metres, improve grade and recovery. The drum shells are constructed from SUS 304 Stainless Steel, and rubberor ceramic wear liningscan be installed when required. Custom designed larger machines are manufactured on request means our HMDS meets all your iron ore concentration needs.

Multotec’s Hammer Cross Belt Samplers are designed so it is easier to install and retrofit than cross stream samplers. They provide a reliable samplingoperation that ensures your samples, from a moving conveyor belt, comprises the product you require. It can be set up to suit all conveyor beltinstallations from 450 to 2 100 mm wide, has idler trough angles of between 20 and 38° and have a durable stainless or Mn steel sample cutter scoop design.

Our mineral spiral concentrators for separate iron ore mineral sizes from 1.5 to 0.04 mm. Available in three ranges, each of which reduces plant footprint by over 33%, their modular housing frames enclose two spiral assemblies, and their optional features can be fully dismantled for retrofitting purposes. The components used are designed to provide longer life, increased production and ease of repair, contributing to reduced downtime.

Multotec Sievebend Housings are available with staticand reversible housing units. Both of these are suited to polyurethaneand wedge wire sievebends, and each has three standard dimensions, from 800 to 1 600 mm arc length. Tailor-made sievebend housings to suit your iron ore concentration application requirements are made to order.

Reducing the initial load of material prior to vibrating screensis among the reasons Multotec has designed their application specific static screens. Additionally, to ensure our customers find the perfect fit for their iron ore concentration applications, our static screen wetted surfaces can be polyurethane, rubber or ceramic. Different assembly methods make Multotec’s static screens ideal for numerous screening applications, including media recovery, dewatering and de-sliming trash removal.

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