MATO Conveyor Belt Lacing System

MATO conveyor belt systems form part of MATO Products, a member of the Multotec Group, is the only South African manufacturer of mechanical conveyor belt fastening systems.

These fastening systems from MATO are the preferred choice of large-scale mining and materials handling operators in South Africa – particularly the coal mining sector.

MATO products are available from Multotec for the Southern, Eastern and Central African regions.

Mechanical conveyor belt fastening systems from MATO includes: 

  • Conveyor belt lacing systems
  • Conveyor belt cutters
  • Conveyor belt clamps
  • Conveyor belt accessories
  • Conveyor belt scrapers

Conveyor system solutions from MATO reduce downtime and minimise overheads

Features and benefits of MATO conveyor belt solutions:

  • Durable cold forged stainless steel results in good corrosion and abrasion resistance
  • The 200mm strip length ensures quick and easy assembly
  • Low profile enables cleaner interaction, less wear and noise on pulleys and idlers
  • Reduce downtime when compared to hot or cold splicing and or any other system in its class
  • Conveyor belt fastening clips are manufactured in an ISO 9001:2008 accredited plant

The complete MATO conveyor belt fastening system combines a lacer, bed, wire rope winch or tirfo, clamp, cutter, skiver, lacing pins, wave master and clips to produce a cost-effective, durable alternative to hot and cold splicing. There are four MATO belt fastener sizes that cover the requirements of the South African mining industry. All four have low profiles for improved cleaner interaction as well as less wear and reduced noise on pulleys and idlers.


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Three specific types of conveyor belt fasteners are produced by MATO in South Africa:

  • The MATO U30 Series for conveyor belts with a tensile strength up to 3 500kN
  • The MATO S30 Series for conveyor belts with a tensile strength up to 1 400 kN
  • The MATO E30 Series for conveyor belts with a tensile strength up to 1 400 kN

The MATO U30 Series has a stainless steel plate and spring steel staple material. This results in the strongest possible connection of the splice to ensure the longest possible service life.

The MATO S30 Series is recommended for medium strength belts in coal mining applications, quarries, as well as cement and steel plants and other industrial applications.

The MATO E30 system is manufactured from special steel, the plate and staple design and configuration have been optimised through rigorous testing. The splice provides a strong connection and good service life. 

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