Mineral Processing Screens

Multotec manufactures a range of mineral processing screens that achieve even feed distribution and high drainage capacities in mineral screening processes around the world.

We specialise in manufacturing mineral processing screens for every application, and offer clients specialised rubber screens, polyurethane screens, combination screens and wedge wire screens.

All Multotec mineral processing screen panels are manufactured in-house at our 43 000 m2 facility in Johannesburg. This means that we quality test every screen we manufacture!

We utilise state-of-the-art injection moulding and rubber compression moulding machines to manufacture your mineral processing screen to suit your application requirements, from coarse, heavy-duty to ultra-fine applications.

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 Why use our mineral processing screens?

  • Our screening systems are injection moulded or hand castin a combination of high-quality materials
  • We customise screen panel thicknesses and aperture sizes according to your process flow sheet requirements
  • With specialised aperture configurations, our screening equipment reduces pegging and blinding
  • Our TeePee™ mineral processing screensare 50% more effective than standard dewatering panels
  • All Multotec mineral processing screens’ wear is monitored with Hawkeye™ condition monitoring software


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More than mineral screen panel suppliers!

Multotec has invested its’ over 40-year experience to supply its clients around the world with holistic screening equipment solutions, in addition to its range of mineral processing equipment.

These screening media solutions include:

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Mineral processing screen accessories:

Extend the versatility of your screening solutions with our range of accessories. This range of polyurethane flood and spray nozzles are designed to reduce wear rates and provide a longer operating life. They are the ideal accessory for any dewatering screen application! 

Monitor your screen wear rates!

Our patented Hawkeye™ condition monitoring system captures and records your mineral processing screen wear rates and indicates design improvements. This web-based system monitors component wear during operation and analyses this data to facilitate an accurate prediction of the next change out date, as well as reduces the chances of unplanned stoppages in your operation.

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