Mineral Screening

Multotec manufactures and distributes a range of standard and tailored products for the mineral screening process. This screening process is necessary both preceding and during mineral beneficiation.

Multotec’s mineral screening equipment and accessories are used during the course of processing minerals in a number of industries, namely coal, copper, diamonds, gold, heavy minerals, iron ore, mineral sands and platinum.

The categories of mineral screening equipment used in these industries comprises Screen Panels, Trommel Screens, Sievebends & Statics, Centrifuge Baskets, Interstage Screening (CIP/CIL), Sub Frames & Rail Systems and Screening Media Accessories. Multotec manufactures mineral screening equipment for long-lasting performance, and its extensive knowledge in mineral screening and mineral beneficiation processes, has enabled it to tailor screens and screening products with a unique functionality suited to specific industries and applications.

Industries and solutions

Sometimes within the mineral beneficiation process the same type of mineral screening equipment is used for different solutions within the same operation. Multotec’s mineral screening products are currently used in a number of countries across the globe. Some examples of our mineral screening equipment actively used in mineral screening processes include:

Mill & Scrubber Trommels, Sievebends and both Bonanza and Kambalda Screens are used for processing gold.

In this industry, Static Screens, Sievebend Housing, Polyurethane Screens from Multotec and the Siebtechnik Vibrating Screen are the ideal mineral screening equipment.

Multotec Static Screens and Mill & Scrubber Trommels are a common occurrence in this specialised industry

Similarly to the platinum industry, Mill & Scrubber Trommels from Multotec are used, and due to the nature of the mined product, Rubber Screens are introduced to the equation.

Iron Ore
In this industry, Sievebend Housing are necessary and Multotec Static Screens are used too.

Sievebends form part of the mineral screening process for this sought-after mineral, and Flood and Spray Nozzles play an important role in the washing process.

Rubber Screens and Polyurethane Screens comprise the mineral screening equipment for this industry.

Mineral Sands
Mineral sands requirements for mineral screening equipment incorporate Multotec Trommel Screens and Polyurethane Screens.

Our comprehensive range of mineral screening equipment and solutions, designed and manufactured for a long life, aim to reduce overheads, minimise costs and increase uptime.

Contact Multotec today for your ideal mineral screening equipment requirements and minimise your mineral screening costs!

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