MultoScan Liner Wear Condition Monitoring

Multotec has developed MultoScan for the continuous condition monitoring of rubber or steel mill liners, enabling clients to predict change-out dates, ensure mill grinding efficiency and reduce downtime.

Multotec is the only rubber liner manufacturer to offer its own in-house condition monitoring system! By improving the way liners were traditionally monitored, we will be able to take condition monitoring to the next level of efficiency.

It is important to measure the wear rates of your mill liners to ensure grind efficiency, measure wear longevity and reduce chances of unwanted material slippage over prolonged mineral processing periods.

Why use MultoScan mill liner condition monitoring?

  • Regular inspection of the liner profile will allow historical data to be collated to allow liner life predictions, drastically reducing downtime
  • Map mill key performance indicators versus the liner profile
  • Decrease time spent in mill and unwanted mill stoppages
  • Having access to accurate information on the liner profile will allow maintenance teams to set the trigger point for the liner inventory. Reducing liner stockholding and inventory costs

Don't wait for wear to become a downtime problem! Enquire here about our wear monitoring systems.

Real-time predictive condition monitoring for mills

Multoscan is the most affordable and the best practice mill liner profile condition monitoring systemavailable on the market, offering:

  • automatic, highly accurate wear liner measurements
  • immediate availability of liner wear data

MultoScan grants customers real-time feedback on the condition of the liners and the ability to detect any issues that can be immediately addressed.

More effective than traditional pin gauge methods

Until recently there have only been two options available for mill liner inspections, one of these is the pin gauge method which is known to be time consuming and often inaccurate.

This method requires that the mill be stopped to allow access for skilled personnel to actually perform the inspection.  This method does not allow live feedback and it is not possible to verify the measurement immediately.

MultoScan addresses all these limiting parameters with:

  • automatic and real-time wear measuring
  • minimal mill stoppages and time spent in the mill
  • verifiable historic data of liner wear
  • accurate prediction of change-out dates

Proven success in Africa and Australia

MultoScan has been proven in field trials in some of the most arduous milling conditions on the African continent and most recently the technology has been exported to Australia.

Read more about Multoscan here.

Multotec is the only liner manufacturer to offer continuous condition monitoring for mill liners! Contact us today for more information!

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