PIG-i - Pipeline Condition Monitoring

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PIG-i is a Pipeline Integrity Gauge which facilitates preventative maintenance and provides condition-based monitoring, for pipelines with a diameter from 150 to 350 mm in the mining, minerals and power generation industries.

Low Light cameras and multiple LED lights enable visual inspection for detailed analysis of the pipe condition and its lining.

Benefits of PIG-i:

  • Extend the life of the pipe
  • Proactive approach toward maintenance
  • Visual and electronic inspection of pipe walls for integrity wear and lining thickness
  • Shorter shutdowns as inspections are carried out in-situ
  • Wear patterns can be identified
  • Live video feed of pipe inspection
  • Designed for use in pipes from 150 - 350 mm ID

Minimise unplanned stoppages in your pipeline with PIG-i preventative maintenance!

Electronic Display Output

The Electronic Display of the PIG-i system comprises a live video feed of the pipe internal walls.

  • This allows a visual and electronic inspection to be made of specific points in the pipe
  • Functionality exists to capture in-situ still images for specific points within the pipe


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