Research & Development

Multotec’s research and development endeavours play a fundamental role in both product development and the refining of existing technologies in order to maintain exceptional quality and performance standards.

Our R&D programme is geared towards enhancing product speed to market; high levels of product consistency and reliability; OEMs assuming the role of solution providers; and the recycling of customer’s products at the end of their working life.

One of the core areas of research and development is in the optimisation of materials of manufacture. The company has already made significant strides in the rapid production of optimum material manufacture, such as the development of both heavy-duty and light-duty rubber screen panels in all shapes and forms, using a variety of compounds.

Research and Development Programmes

Multotec’s R&D programmes are leveraging more efficient customer labour processes by providing equipment that requires reduced maintenance. One of the significant advances to have been made in this regard is the Hawkeye™condition monitoring technology. The Hawkeye™ predictive software tool provides accurate data on product lifecycles and replacement rates, allowing a more accurate prediction of service intervals, scheduled downtime, and so on.

Multotec’s R&D department has recently been upgraded and expanded, providing increased capabilities for doing test and development work on magnetic separators, spiral concentrators, classification and dense medium cyclones and screening.

We receive mineral samples on a regular basis from as far as Canada and India, which we test through various pieces of equipment to prove their efficiencies and effectiveness in their specific applications.

As a market leader in the industry, Multotec has begun to disseminate test results and technical data of its R&D programmes in the interests of advancing the industry and its relevant material sciences as a whole.

Multotec’s R&D facilities are also made available for specific research work for mining houses, Universities, plants, OEMs and individual customers.

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