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Water Treatment and Ion Exchange 

Water Treatment Research & Development

Multotec’s research and development endeavours to play a fundamental role in both product development and the refining of existing technologies in order to maintain exceptional quality and performance standards.

Our capabilities include test and development work on spiral concentrators, classification cyclones, magnetic separators, samplers and laboratory-scale filtration & centrifuge equipment.

We receive mineral samples on a regular basis from as far as Canada and India, which we test through various pieces of equipment to prove their efficiencies and effectiveness in their specific applications.

As a market leader in the industry, Multotec has begun to disseminate test results and technical data of its R&D programmes in the interests of advancing the industry and its relevant material sciences as a whole.

Multotec’s R&D facilities are also made available for specific research work for mining houses, Universities, plants, OEMs and individual customers.

The facilities available at Multotec’s R&D Department are as follows:

Laboratory Facilities

The facilities include:

  • Sample drying
  • Wet and dry screening for particle size distribution analysis
  • Fine particle size distribution analysis
  • Sample splitting by means of rotary splitters

Test Work Facilities

The test work conducted by Multotec Technology Division involves the following:

  • Extensive spiral test work
  • Cyclone test work
  • Magnetic separation test work 
  • Filtration test work
  • Centrifuge test work
  • Water purification of mine effluents
  • Screen panel test work

Spiral Test Work

Multotec has developed a range of spiral models for gravity concentration in different applications of a variety of minerals, such as:

  • Gold
  • Copper
  • Iron ore
  • Chrome
  • Mineral sands
  • Tin
  • Coal
  • Etc.

 Extensive work has been done by Multotec concerning spiral applications.

Cyclone Test Work

Multotec has the capability of assembling a vast variety of cyclone configurations targeted at specific applications, such as classification and dewatering.

Magnetic Separation Test Work

The following magnetic separators are available for test work:

  • Laboratory Scale Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separator
  • Longi-Multotec Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separator (50-200kg/h pilot scale capacity)
  • Wet & Dry Drum Medium Intensity Magnetic Separator
  • Wet & Dry Drum Low Intensity Magnetic Separator
  • Magnetic Roll Separator

 The high intensity separators are used for the recovery of fine, weakly magnetic particles, while the medium and low intensity separators are used for the recovery of weakly and strongly magnetic particles respectively.  The magnetic roll is used for the purification or concentration of dry, granular materials.

Filtration Test Work

Typical filtration test work includes the following:

  • Evaluating dewatering characteristics
  • Monitoring filterability, filtrate quality, moisture, solids flux, discharge characteristics and cake competency (cake thickness)

Centrifuge Test Work

The scope of the test work is:

  • To characterise the sample by determining the sludge density and solids concentration
  • Conducting laboratory centrifuge tests to determine the performance of a sample under different residence time conditions
  • Monitoring interface versus time
  • Determining the moisture of the sediment

Multotec is the sole distributor of the Clean TeQ Continuous Ion Exchange technology in Africa. This novel continuous ion exchange technology is grounded in the basic principles of conventional ion exchange, with various key differences and associated benefits.

Conventionally ion exchange is implemented in the form of fixed bed batch ion exchange. Typically adsorption and desorption occurs here in one contactor and there is an absolute requirement here to have a clear solution with no suspended solids, as the presence of suspended solids reduces the performance of the system and makes it prone to blockages. The Clean TeQ technology however, departs from this convention and has the ability to effectively handle suspended and precipitated solids.

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