Multotec trommels are designed with special emphasis on throughput, oversize return transport, screen panel design and the integrity of frame structure.

Multotec has been supplying trommels to the mineral and solid-waste processing industries since 1982, during which time we have perfected the ability to size and customise our trommels to suit your application.

Our trommels are designed to handle extremely large feed rates in excess of 5 000 m3 per hour for approximately 5 years in your mineral processing application. Our trommels Screens are manufactured according to ISO: 9002 and come equipped with machined flanges to ensure seamless contact with mill trunnion flange to prevent stress in the joint.

Multotec trommels are designed for:

  • Use at the end of mills to remove scats and worn grinding media
  • Use at the end of scrubbers for oversize removal
  • Heavy mineral processing applications such as rotating the feed and improving the removal of mineral sands from organic matter
  • Reduced pegging and blinding thanks to trommel rotation.

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Features of our trommel screens:

  • All trommel sub frames are vibratory and thermal stress relieved
  • Welds are NDT tested prior to rubber lining
  • High-impact and abrasion resistant
  • FEA design techniques produce a precision engineered frame
  • Trommel screens sized in diameter and aperture according to your application requirements
  • Dual sizing in a single trommel possible (see Double Trommels)

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Specially designed trommel screen panels:

  • Modularpolyurethaneor rubber panels where only individual worn panels need to be replaced and not the entire system.
  • These panels can be removed from the inside of the trommel only – increasing safety
  • Can be fastened with Pins & Sleevesor Bolt Down

Robust and durable trommel frames:

  • Frames withstand stresses from deformation of supporting trunnion, weight of trommel itself and processing loads
  • Optimised designs with state-of-the-art technology: Finite Element Analysis

Multotec provides tailor-made, process-specific trommels in several forms to optimise drainage and sizing requirements. Contact us today to find a trommel solution for your application.

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In the News

Multotec Builds High Recovery Water Treatment Plant in Middle East (Nov 2018)

After extensive test work and design, mineral processing specialist Multotec Group is commissioning a full‑scale DeSALx® plant to treat waste water from a flue gas desulphurisation scrubber, at a minerals processing plant in Oman in the Middle East.