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CITIC Steel Mill Liners

CITIC Heavy Industries’ steel mill liners are being marketed in Africa by Multotec. Multotec Rubber already has an extensive presence in the continent with installations spanning various mineral processing operations. CITIC and Multotec Rubber have robust, established reputations for high-quality performance products.

Benefits of using Steel Mill Liners from CITIC:

  • Suitable for grinding mills in gold, platinum, copper, uranium, zinc and ferrochrome smelter installations
  • Compatible with Multotec Rubber’s MultoScan and Hawkeye™ systems
  • Suitable for use in cement manufacturing
  • Suitable for specialised fine grinding applications
  • Performance of the entire circuit is considered and not just the liners as isolated components

Multotec supplies its leading mineral processing equipment to CITIC

The Multotec Group now also has the opportunity to its leading supply products to CITIC. These products include our range of capital equipment, including trommels, screen panels, cyclones and samplers.

Through this agreement with CITIC, Multotec Rubber now has the capability to supply customers a complete solution for their mills. This extends to rubber or steel liners or hybrid designs using rubber shell plates or grate plates and steel lifter bars. Multotec Rubber’s condition monitoring, stock control and mill liner performance products will also be used in conjunction with the steel mill liners from CITIC.

It has also made presentations to mining groups with operations in the Rustenburg, Carletonville and Free State areas of South Africa to raise awareness of the agreement with CITIC. Multotec Rubber has also done extensive training on CITIC steel liners at a training session in West Africa for representatives from Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Niger and Burkina Faso.

Optimise your mill. We provide single piece CITIC liners up to 6 tons throughout Africa.
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