CleanTEQ Water Bioclens®


BIOCLENS® technology makes use of encapsulated bacteria through lenses to enhance and accelerate natural biological processes which break down organic matter.

  • Reduced lifecycle costs
  • Reduced site footprint with intensified processes
  • Cost-effective ammonia & nitrate removal: attain levels lower than 1 ppm
  • Targeted reactions through bacteria that is immobilised in a stable, porous PVA gel matrix
  • Protects bacteria in saline environments (seawater/brines) & from high concentration of ammonia or nitrate in the feed (above 1 000ppm)

BIOCLENS® is suitable for a range of industries including Municipal Reuse, Aquaculture, Agriculture, Mining, Industrial, and others that require surface water treatment & groundwater treatment.

Get total nitrogen removal in your wastewater applications with BIOCLENS® from Multotec . Contact Us.


Why is CLEANTEQ Water BIOCLENS® from Multotec better than other options?

Traditional biological treatment makes use of suspended biomass with a high sludge production. BIOCLENS® can operate under saline or toxic conditions whereas the exposed biomass technologies, such as traditional treatments, operate at low or no biological activities under these conditions. CLEANTEQ BIOCLENS® enables no co-growth of other bacteria, leading to desired high biological activities.

Multotec can also include project management services during project execution and offers after-sales support.

Achieve your target of ammonia &/or nitrate concentration with Multotec’s CLEANTEQ turnkey plant to process wastewater solution.


Top 5 Key Features of CLEANTEQ Water BIOCLENS®:

  • High biological activity
  • Encapsulated bacteria in the lens
  • Lens is composed of a PVA outer skin with a sponge-like inner structure
  • Controlled drying during manufacturing creates the outer skin which entraps the desired active bacteria
  • Provides space for the bacterial communities via its sponge-like interior, with pore sizes of 1-10 µm.

Do you have a high concentration of ammonia &/or nitrate in your application’s discharge water?

Find out how Multotec can help you become compliant with environmental regulations with CLEANTEQ Water BIOCLENS®, here.

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