CleanTEQ Water Bionex™


Bionex™ from Multotec is your complete nitrate removal solution. Combining CIF® with BIOCLENS in a chemical-free process to produce the maximum volume of pure water and the smallest volume of waste for disposal.

Bionex is ideal for the mining industry discharging water into the environment with a high concentration of nitrate, especially platinum-producing mines. Bionex offers:

  • An integrated system with CIF® and BIOCLENS®
  • Nitrate remediation & complete denitrification to N2 gas
  • Ultra-high recovery with minimal waste production
  • Low OPEX & chemical usage due to its ability to recirculate salt brine
  • Denitrification that occurs on smaller side streams (about 1% of feed flow), significantly reduces infrastructure

Bionex Features:


  • Combines CIF & Bioclens technology
  • CIF technology which consists of a moving resin bed ion exchange mechanism
  • Brine is recycled after treatment with Bioclens as a regenerant chemical

Key Benefits

  • Consistently remove nitrates to <1 ppm
  • Ability to reach very low TN levels
  • Waste produced is typically <1% of the feed flow (high water recovery)
  • Brine reuse reduces chemical consumption & OPEX
  • CIF is fouling resistant and able to handle changes in feed conditions
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Multotec offers aftersales and support services, including world-class quality control, along with high availability of spare parts. Available from your local Multotec branch, and branches across Africa.

The Multotec difference

We offer a plant to process wastewater with high concentrations of nitrate to the desired target concentration, including project management during project execution. We also offer a technical solution if required, and aftersales support is included.

Why Bionex is better than other options:

CIF is more robust and able to handle high solids concentration and changes in feed composition compared to the fixed bed ion exchange. In addition, the utilisation of Bioclens technology to treat brine produced in the CIF circuit means the brine can be reused, resulting in low chemical consumption and high water recovery rates (>99% water recovery).

This product is recommended when nitrate levels of <1 ppm is constantly required, and when there is a requirement for high water recovery.

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