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Coal Beneficiation

Coal beneficiation equipment from Multotec enables you to achieve your processing goals at the lowest cost per ton. We supply coal beneficiation equipment for the entire process, from R.O.M stockpile to dewatering.

As experts in the field with over 40 years’ experience, our team of metallurgists will assist you in optimising your coal benficiation plant.

  • Remove contaminants and lower-grade coal from the coal stream
  • Achieve the sharpest particle separations over extended periods of trouble-free operation
  • Solutions for fine and coarse coal

Designing a flow sheet for your Coal Beneficiation application:

Customise your coal beneficiation process according to the calorific value, level of inherent mud and ash, as well as the desired coal quality for the end user.

The first segment of the coal beneficiation process involves feeding the ore through a roll crusher and then sizing screen.

Following sizing, the coarser coal is fed to a DMS drum via an over belt magnet, which eliminates any ferromagnetic contaminants, such as old bolts, tool shards, and other metallic scraps. Drain and rinse screens are located downstream of the DMS drum in coal beneficiation.

Finer coal particles are fed from the sizing screen to a desliming screen to remove ultra-fine coal particles. Ultra-fines are fed through a classification cycloneflotationspiral separators, screens and centrifuges or filter presses. Less fine particles are fed through a DMS cyclone, screens and centrifuges.

The above is just a typical flow sheet in a coal beneficiation plant, and the ideal process flow for your application might look somewhat different! Our team of metallurgists and engineers will help devise the optimum solutions for your plant.

Get in touch with your local Multotec branch about your Coal Beneficiation requirements.Learn more

Coal Beneficiation products:

Multotec is a world-leader in cyclones and spiral concentrators! This classification equipment is central to coal beneficiation.

Dense medium cyclones: cast in 27% high-chrome cast iron or manufactured from steel with ceramic linings provides maximum wear resistance in harsh coal beneficiation conditions.

Classification cyclones: achieve maximum separation in your coal beneficiation process with our classification cyclones. Precise cut points upgrade your streams.

Spiral concentrators: use gravity to classify and concentrate different slurry particles, based on density or shape of particles. We have specially-designed spirals for coal beneficiation.

Innovation driven by R&D:

We are specialists in coal beneficiation, and supply our equipment globally. The optimum processing results in coal beneficiation we see in Multotec equipment today is the result of over 40 years of finding solutions to process more ore at a lower cost.

Our R&D programme responds to real-field challenges as well as cutting edge coal beneficiation technologies so that we can constantly look for where process efficiency can be increased.

Multotec’s R&D aims to enhance mineral and coal beneficiation through increasing product speed to market; high levels of product consistency and reliability; for OEMs to assume the role of solution providers; and the recycling of customer’s products at the end of their working life.

Multotec is at the forefront of the mineral processing industry, and the leading authority in Mineral Processing Equipment!
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