Multotec's Chingola branch was created to service the Copper Belt in Zambia in and Katanga province in the DRC in 2001 and is a fully owned subsidiary of Multotec. After substantial growth it has taken the responsibility to service the greater Central Africa Region.

The branch is one of the forerunners in Mill Linings and other aspects of process support. Multotec in Zambia is also capable of medium scale engineering.

The industries that Multotec's Zambian branch serves are copper, gold and diamonds

Services rendered by Multotec in Zambia include field service, structural machining. equipment supply, rolling, bending and spares holding.

Contact Information:

Multotec Zambia 


Zambia Office: +260 212 313 354

Key people within the company:

Clive St Dare (Milling & Rubber Specialist)


Mandarin: 普通话

David Liao 廖伟志

Zambia 赞比亚 - +260760846819

DRC 刚果 - +243819243260

Chingola (Head Office)

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