Multotec has branches in Newcastle, Perth, Newman, Queensland and Brisbane. Through these offices, Multotec s able to service the Australian mineral processing industry.

Multotec’s experience and knowledge of the local mining industry has allowed us to create mineral processing solutions that result in less labour, less maintenance – ultimately reducing your overall cost per ton!

We offer cyclonesscreening media equipmentsamplers and spirals that address are well-suited for long-lasting performance in all Australian operating environments.

Contact Information:

Tel: +61 (2) 4035 9600
Fax: +61 (2) 4931 9218
Address: 55 Mustang Drive Rutherford NSW 2320

Key people at Multotec in Australia:

Nigel Kriel (Managing Director)
Tel: 0061 (7) 3442 0115

Ben Slatter ( Tech Engineer - Screening) 
Tel: 0448 610 305  

Glenn Clarke  (Senior Process Engineer East - Process and Grinding)
Tel: 0488 586 352

Chris East (Operations Manager - Grinding)
Tel:  0408 810 817


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