Multotec in Edmonton aims to supply Western Canada with its range of capital mineral processing equipment from its offices in Alberta

Satisfying the unique needs of this market, our range primarily includes cyclonesspirals and samplers. Multotec’s entire range of mineral processing equipment is also available to our customers upon request.

Multotec in Edmonton supplies mineral processing equipment to Canada’s predominant industries, including: coal, oilsands and heavy minerals.

Contact Information:

Tel:c +1 (604) 547-3272
Mobile: +1 (780) 289 8477
E-mail: canada@multotec.comrobertu@multotec.com

Address: Multotec Canada Ltd. 4104 52nd Ave, Gibbons, AB, T0A 1N0

Key people at Multotec in Edmonton:

Robert Ungerer (Project Coordinator) Multotec Canada Ltd, Western Canada & Western USA

Multotec Canada - Edmonton

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