Eddy Current Magnetic Separators

Multotec’s Eddy Current Magnetic Separators are used in the recycling industry for separating non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminium, for example, from other conveyed material.

Each non-ferrous metal has its own properties, which will be repelled from the conveyor with varying force; the different types of non-ferrous material can therefore be efficiently separated.

Eddy Current benefits

  • Efficient separation of non-ferrous materials enables high quality product
  • Magnetic rotor enables high-speed rotation facilitating efficient separation
  • Alternating current easily repels non-ferrous metals from the conveyor

Eddy Current principle 

The eddy current separator separates the material through the use of a magnetic rotor, with alternating polarity, rotating at high speeds. The non-ferrous metal passes over the rotor and the alternating magnetic field creates an eddy current in the non-ferrous metal repelling the particle away from the conveyor, while the other material remains on the conveyor

Optimise efficient non-ferrous metal separation with Eddy Current Separators from Multotec.
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