Eddy Current Magnetic Separators

Multotec Eddy Current Separators separate non-magnetic (non-ferrous) metals from your material feed. They use the different electrical conductivities of ferrous and non-ferrous particles in shredded material to remove the non-metallics, separating non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminium from other conveyed material.

Each non-ferrous metal has its own properties, which will be repelled from the conveyor with varying force; the different types of non-ferrous material can therefore be efficiently separated.

Your benefits:

  • Efficient separation of non-ferrous materials enables high quality product
  • Magnetic rotor enables high-speed rotation facilitating efficient separation
  • Alternating current easily repels non-ferrous metals from the conveyor
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Eddy Current Separator uses

Multotec Eddy Current Magnetic Separators purify large bulk streams and can handle high capacities. It separates and carries away non-ferrous metals continuously and automatically.

Application examples include:

  • processing of mining and mineral streams
  • removal of non-ferrous metals from slag in waste incineration plants
  • processing of scrap and electronics waste in the recycling industry
  • elimination of impurities from recycled plastic streams

How does an Eddy Current Separator work?

Like any current flowing through a conductor, an eddy current will produce its own magnetic field. Eddy currents flow in closed loops within conductors, perpendicular to the magnetic field.

The Eddy Current Magnetic Separator divides the material through the use of a magnetic rotor, with alternating polarity, rotating at high speeds. The non-ferrous metal passes over the rotor and the alternating magnetic field creates an eddy current in the non-ferrous metal repelling the particle away from the conveyor, while the other material remains on the conveyor.


Optimise efficient non-ferrous metal separation with Eddy Current Separators from Multotec.
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