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Filter Cloth

Multotec offers a range of lightweight to heavy duty filter cloths to optimise your filter press operation. As part of our filter press accessories offering, these filter cloths are available in a full range of synthetic and natural fibres and are either woven or felted according to your solid / liquid separation requirements.

These filter cloths are customised to your solid / liquid separation requirements. This customisation not only applies to sizing, but we also offer a range of filter cloth materials to optimise your operations. These materials include:

  • Yarn fibre filter cloths
  • Weaved design filter cloths
  • Monofilament, multifilament, staple (spun) fibre and combination yarn design

Features and benefits:

  • Stronger, more durable high performing cloths
  • Custom-designed for your exact application
  • Satin, twill, plain, special and duplex weave patterns
  • Lightweight to heavy woven fabrics
  • Precision, high tech equipment and manufacturing
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Built-in filter cloth washing systems

Multotec’s Seprotech filter press system features a unique cloth washing system. This design features spray bars that are permanently installed at the top of every plate. The bomb-bay doors are also designed with steep angles and a sealing lip that hooks into position. This removes drippage beneath the press and accommodates the full flow during the wash cycle.

Manufactured and tested to the highest standards

All Multotec filter cloths go through an extensive calendaring and quality control process to ensure weight, thread count and permeability to suit your application requirements. During the calendering stage, all filter cloths are stabilised in specialised pre-heated machines. We ensure finishing and permeability with high speed heated, polished calenders that press the fabric filter cloth to ensure a smooth surface and to further “set” the cloth.

Multotec has been in the solid / liquid separation (dewatering) business for over 40 years and supplies and manufactures world-leading solutions to increase the rate of your separation and increase overall process efficiency.

All our Filter Cloths are imported from Micronics, the worldwide authority on Filter Press accessories.
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