Heavy Media Drum Separators

The Multotec Heavy Media Drum Separator (HMDS) improves grade and recovery in dense medium recovery processes. Multotec improves the performance of dense media mineral recovery operations through combining internationally-leading Permax technology, an established application- and context-specific experience in mineral processing and trusted, high-quality configurations, materials and parts.

As the pioneers of the use of rare-earth magnets in wet low intensity magnetic drum separators, the Multotec HMDS utilise Ferrite Boron (FeB) magnets to increase magnetic induction values from the conventional 2 000 nominal Gauss to 2 500 or 3 000 Gauss, allowing a stronger attraction of dense media for a more efficient recovery process.

Our HMDS range is supplied in standard drum sizes of a 400 mm to 1 200 mm diameter, with widths from 0.600 m to 3.000 m with optional manifolds and launderers with plug-and-play capabilities. Our range is supplied in standard drum and high gradient design.

Our Heavy Media Drum Separator features:

  • Specially-engineered magnetic circuits facilitate optimum recovery
  • Radial pole configuration allows shear protection
  • Automated level control for consistent performance

Our trusted Permax high gradient design generates high force factors that guarantee medium recovery in the toughest of applications with magnetic flux densities of up to 2 300 Gauss on the magnet surface.

Optimise your dense media separation with a Heavy Media Drum Separator from Multotec.
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