HiROx® Technology

HiROx® is a highly efficient, minimum liquid discharge water treatment process that combines Continuous Ionic Filtration (CIF®) with high-recovery reverse osmosis.

By integrating an ion exchange process before the RO membrane, di-valent and tri-valent cations like calcium, magnesium and heavy metals can be removed. This means reduced scaling of positively charged ions on RO membranes, which improves demineralised water recovery by to 99%, while reducing total brine volumes as well as membrane costs.

The more efficient water performance, maximum environmental compliance and reduced sludge handling and disposal costs.

  • 95 – 99% recoveries (typical recovery)
  • Scaling / fouling-resistant with no pre-treatment
  • Greater tolerance to feed water quality and flow rate variations
  • Low operational cost
  • Fully automatic system

This continuous ion exchange technology treats a wide range of feedwaters, removing both suspended particles and dissolved contaminants. Using HiROx® also means that mineral beneficiation processes can be simplified and recoveries for and wastewater applications increased.

Achieve your water treatment goals with Multotec.


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Industries and applications

In the mining sector, HiROx® is used to:

– remove salinity
– remove metal ions, TSS, TDS and other contaminants
– treat water & brine with minimum liquid discharge

HiROx® is also suitable for use in other industries. Two of those industries most closely related to mining for their treatment requirements are:

  • Surface Water Treatment & Groundwater Treatment: Removes uranium – used to treat hardness and remove metal ion contaminants before RO, producing potable, industrial or irrigation water.
  • Power Plants: Removes Arsenic/Antimony for high quality boiler water – used to treat FGD water with minimum brine production.

Typical HiRoX® Arrangement

The integration of CIF® and RO, where hardness and other scale forming ions are removed prior to RO taking place, is how HiROx® achieves its above 95% recovery. The brine from the RO is used to regenerate CIF®’s ion exchange resin, providing a chemical free pre-treatment.

Reducing scaling

Scaling components that block RO membranes in a standalone reverse osmosis plant reduce plant operation to only about 70% recovery. By adding CIF® to the equation, a pre-treatment that uses ion exchange to remove the scaling components is enabled. This translates to an approximate 97% recovery treatment of water going on to the reverse osmosis treatment.

International mining houses use HiROx® from Multotec to increase water recovery and reduce brine.
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