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Magnetic Roll Separator

Magnetic roll separators from Longi-Multotec are designed to increase overall process efficiency in dry separation applications.

Our magnetic roll separators are designed to remove large and small iron contaminants from material processing lines in the most efficient way!

This range of magnetic roll separators is ideal for the purification or concentration of dry granular materials, suitable for particle sizes ranging from 75 microns to 10 millimetres.

Multotec’s magnetic roll separators feature high-intensity rare earth permanent magnets, providing up to 12 000 gauss magnetic force.

We supply this range of magnetic roll separators in rolls of 100 mm diameter and up to 1.5-metres wide. The separators can also be supplied in multiple pass configurations, all according to your specific mineral processing requirements!

Benefits of our magnetic roll separators:

  • Recover fine magnetic particles
  • Flexible magnetic recovery options available
  • Multiple pass systems allow for small footprint
  • Individual roll speed adjustment and real time speed monitoring allows optimisation control
  • Dust extraction compatible to allow safe and environmentally friendly operation
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View other magnetic separators in our range:

Dry Drum Magnetic Separators

Dry drum magnetic separators from Longi-Multotec are used for the dry separation of ferromagnetic ores.

These magnetic drum separators facilitate a more efficient milling and processing operation through an initial upgrade of the desired feed material.

Demagnetising Coils

Used in the demagnetisation of magnetic slurries in the minerals processing industry.

These demagnetising coils regulate the magnetic viscosities of mineral streams to acceptable downstream processing standards and allow high separation efficiencies.

Heavy Media Drum Separators

Longi-Multotec heavy media drum separators (HMDS) improve grade and recovery in dense medium recovery processes. 

HMDS provides a stronger attraction of dense media for a more efficient recovery process.

Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separators

The Longi-Multotec wet high intensity magnetic separator (WHIMS) delivers a high-efficiency fine iron recovery, ore beneficiation and non-magnetic ore purification solution.

Eddy Current Magnetic Separators

Multotec’s Eddy Current separators are used in the recycling industry for separating non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminium from other conveyed material.

This separator provides efficient separation of non-ferrous materials from 50mm down to 2mm particles over our 12, 18 and 24 pole rotor configurations.

Lower your processing costs with our range of magnetic roll separators:

Our magnetic roll separators refine and enhance magnetic separator machine designs for improved separation efficiency. This is because of decreased utility requirements that deliver large savings to operational expenditure, with knowledge gained from our committed drive to new technologies.

By upgrading – and in turn reducing the overall quantity of – the material fed to downstream plant processes, our magnetic separators reduce the mechanical requirements of grinding, ultimately lowering overall costs.

Trusted globally for long, superior performance in any application:

Applied in more than 20 applications by our leading metallurgists, our magnetic roll separators refine and enhance proven machine designs for improved separation efficiency with decreased utility requirements.

Our magnetic roll separators are used by international mining giants across the world. Our clients range from power generation companies to the world’s biggest mining houses.

Multotec magnetic separators are ideal for PGM beneficiation plants:

Our magnetic separators, particularly our Longi-Multotec vertical ring wet high-intensity magnetic separator (WHIMS), are helping PGM processing plants achieve better yields from tailings dams.

We are currently involved in extensive test work in chromite recovery using WHIMS technology. Our WHIMS systems can recover particles down to a fraction size as small as 5 microns, a characteristic that is attributed to the exceptionally high force factor. Particle sizes as small as 80% passing 30 microns have been recovered!

Multotec helps the world’s largest mining companies achieve optimum plant process efficiency with a complete range of mineral processing equipment.
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