Mini Filter Press

Multotec recently engineered the mini filter press, designed to meet the requirements of the industrial wastewater treatment industry, among others. The filter press manufacturer identified a need for a pilot scale filter press that are especially designed as small scale wastewater filter press, and acted on it.

Producing quantities of more than 120 kg/h of dewatered solids, this 10-chamber filter press system opens and closes using an air power pack, while slurry is fed to the press using an air diaphragm pump.

The filter press design is tailored for manual operation, which means no electrical connections are required. This, in addition to enhanced safety, contributes to reduced production costs.  

Features of the Mini Filter Press:

  • 47 litre capacity – tailored for wastewater treatment
  • Produce up to 122 kg/h of dewatered solids
  • No electrical connections required
  • Water treated up to potable standards
  • Robust design enhances longevity
Treat industrial wastewater in any environment with Multotec’s mini filter press.
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