Multotec Tornado 660 Cyclone

The Tornado 660 is a flange-to-flange-fit cyclone for customers looking to retrofit one of our high-capacity classification cyclones into an existing 26-inch cyclone cluster.

By reaping the benefits of Multotec cyclone technology in a retrofit installation, we’re helping customers modernise their cyclone plants to improve separation and lower the overall operating costs of their plants.

  • Built with Multotec’s scrolled evolute inlet design for reduced vortex wear and higher separation capacity
  • Range of replacement liners, including ceramic tiles or cast replaceable rubber liners
  • Supplied in a range of configurations to suit any application, incl. various cone angles, spigots and vortex finder sizes

This cyclone is available in your area through our worldwide network of branches and distributors, ensuring fast lead times; full range of spare part and liners; and complete engineering and aftersales field support for your application.

Protected by Multotec’s range of liners:

In order to protect this retrofit cyclone from the wear and tear associated with mineral processing, Multotec can fit the most appropriate wear solution according to your application. These wear liners include our range of engineered ceramic tiles or cast replaceable rubber liners.

Multotec can assist you in selecting the most appropriate wear liner according to your plant process, taking commodity, application and client preference into consideration.

Your local Multotec branch supports your application with strategic aftersales stockholdings of your required liners.

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Scrubber liners are ideal for hard mineral processing.

Speak to Multotec today to see how we can help improve your classification and separation performance!
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