Multotec provides a small-scale filter press for industrial water treatment

Multotec Process Equipment recognises that there is a market for smaller scale or pilot scale filter presses, especially in the industrial waste water treatment industry. In order to meet this need Multotec offers smaller scale filter presses as part of their existing solid liquid separation offering.

For a recent project in the Middle East, Multotec Process Equipment supplied a small scale press with a 500 mm x 500 mm plate size with 10 chambers. The press has a capacity of 47 litres and will produce 122 kg/h of dewatered solids during normal operation. For this specific project, where scrubber wastewater is treated to potable water standards, the press is used to process the solid waste produced during the water treatment process. The waste is a mixture of gypsum and precipitated heavy metals.

These smaller scale presses are typically manually operated, as is the case for this project in the Middle East. The press is opened and closed using an air over oil hydraulic power pack and the slurry is fed to the press using an air-diaphragm pump – which means this installation requires no electrical connections.


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