Overbelt Magnetic Separators

Overbelt Magnetic Separators from Multotec are suspended on gantries above a conveyor belt installation to extract ferrous content from conveyed loads before they reach further downstream processing. An automatic belt-driven self-cleaning mechanism then dumps the trappings into collection bins located on the side of the conveyor.

Reliable oil-cooled electromagnets can provide ferrous separation for belt widths up to 2 400 mm with working gaps up to 1 000 mm. Permanent magnets can be installed for belt widths up to 900 mm, with working gaps up to 600 mm.

Multotec Overbelt Magnetic Separators feature:

  • Electromagnets and permanent magnets
  • Gantries facilitate easy access for routine maintenance
  • “Cross-belt” or “in-line” arrangement
  • Manual or self-cleaning
Extract the ferrous content of material during the conveying process, with Multotec’s Overbelt Magnetic Separator.
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