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Plate and Frame Filter Press

Plate and Frame Filter Press is a historical term for modern day industrial filter presses used in mineral processing. Plate and frame filter press from Multotec, therefore, while based on the reliable and time-honoured design of the original plate and frame filter press, are designed to suit the 21st century environment and mineral processing applications. Filter presses from Multotec contribute to lowering your overall cost per ton processed. 

Plate and frame filter presses are designed so that the separating chambers consist of one hollow filter frame separated from two filter plates by filter clothes. Filter cloth for plate and frame filter presses from Multotec are stronger, more durable, high-performing cloths that can be customised for your exact application requirements.

Over 40 years’ experience in the mining, mineral processing, petrochemical and power generation industries has allowed Multotec to optimise their operations. This is seen by their continued development and manufacturing of high quality, application-specific filter presses. Our range of filter presses now includes Seprotech Rapid Filter Press, Micronics Filter Press and a comprehensive range of accessories, all with numerous benefits.

Benefits of Multotec Filter Press: 

  • Low moisture content product and fast, automated sludge separation
  • Reclaim discharged minerals with unique filter press designs
  • Lower capital and operating costs
  • Self-washing press filters reduce downtime and manual intervention
  • Lower drive pressures prolong apparatus life and improve safety
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Multotec Filter Press:

  • Seprotech Rapid Filter Press: reduces processing times by up to 10 minutes, using only 8% of the drive-force demands of conventional hydraulic presses.
  • Micronics Filter Press: for high- to medium-capacity filtration in the mineral processing industry, providing fast, reliable solid / liquid separation with minimal downtime.
  • Filter Press Accessories: extends filter press systems’ versatility, ensures they achieve higher performance levels in a wide range of mineral processing applications.

Rapid separation times increase processing efficiency: The rapid filter press’ separation cycles are completed within 15 - 20 minutes, a 10-minute processing time decrease compared to conventional hydraulic presses.

Reduced component stress, improved safety and lower operating costs: The rapid filter press’ clamping force is produced by just 8% of the pressure powering conventional hydraulic filter presses, meaning the process environment is safer.

Automate your press’ internal cleaning: Internal travelling spray bars wash the entire filter cloth array simultaneously between each cycle in 40 seconds, eliminating excessive build-up of material residue.

Multotec offers comprehensive filter press spec design and all-inclusive after-sales field service to ensure you get the plate and frame filter press specific to your application requirements.

Reduce component stress, improve safety and lower operating costs with Multotec’s Filter Press Systems!
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