Portable Composite Water Sampler

Portable composite water samplers offer a sampling solution that enables sampling of water in an easy-to-use and efficient manner. The unit can be programmed to collect composite samples based on time or flow rate in order to make up a composite sample.

A unique feature of Multotec’s range of portable composite water samplers is their rinse function, whereby the peristaltic pump used to collect the samples is reversed after each sampling interval in order to drain and rinse the suction hose. This allows for a more representative composite sample and prevents sample contamination. The portable composite water sampler is equipped with a level switch in the sampling container, which prevents oversampling and container overflow.

Additional to the entry level model portable composite water sampler, where sampling is done using a peristaltic pump, Multotec also offers a unit that uses vacuum-based technology. The benefits of this method include even more accurate and representative sample volumes and reduced wear of the tubing. Both models have a rechargeable power supply and are housed in a durable suitcase for maximum portability.

Key features of portable composite water samplers 

  • Easily programmable composite or discrete sampling based on time or process water flow rate
  • Cleanable stainless steel filter on the suction line
  • Drain and rinse of the suction line between sampling intervals to limit sample contamination
  • Early warning and sampling cut-off based on a built in level switch to prevent oversampling
  • Outside pulse input connection possible to initiate sampling based on an external event
  • Potential to connect analytical instruments (such as pH or conductivity meters) with outputs to a data logger

Benefits of portable composite water samplers 

  • Continuous composite sampling with automatic rinse functions ensures samples are  representative
  • Ease of  handling  and transport allows for multiple sampling at different sites



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