Process Water Treatment

Process water treatment from Multotec comprises Continuous Ionic Filtration (CIF®), developed by Australian-based CleanTeQ. It is built on the foundations of continuous counter-current ion exchange and can be compared to continuous sand filtration where ion exchange resins are used instead of sand. The process continually removes both solids and dissolved salts from water. It offers a viable alternative and can complement reverse osmosis desalination on a wide range of waters.

Multotec supplies CleanTeQ products exclusively into Africa.

CIF® helps filter, separate and purify water with lower costs and reduced maintenance!

CIF® has proven successful in industrial water treatment where feed waters can have a complicated chemistry and where scaling and fouling risks are high. Rather than using conventional technology that increases brine volumes resulting in higher management and disposal costs, CIF® reduces scaling and fouling risks – ultimately improving production rates!

Multotec’s CIF® applications

  • Selective ion removal
  • Desalination
  • Dealkalisation
  • Membrane pre-treatment

CIF® can be used in either single or multiple stages to target multiple elements and species by using different resins selective towards different species in each stage.

CIF® is ideal for coal seam gas, cooling tower blowdown, ground and surface water, industrial wastewater effluent, mine process and effluent water and AMD.

Multotec’s CIF® integrated processes

A single CIF® module consists of an integrated series of processes, each designed for a specific function:

  • Ionic filtration – a solids filtration and ion removal step (the adsorption step)
  • Fluidised wash – a washing step to clear away entrained solids and ‘dirty’ water
  • Desorption/elution/regeneration – adsorbed ions are desorbed using regenerant solution (acid, base or saline solution)
  • Rinse – a step to wash off entrained regenerant and any precipitate that may have formed during the regeneration step

CIF®-based water treatment products from Multotec

To cover a spectrum of water treatment applications, there are three main Clean TeQ products available from Multotec:

  • CIF® single stage: this can be used for a range of treatment applications including acid mine drainage remediation and membrane pre-treatment (descaling).
  • DeSALx – dual stage CIF®: a cationic resin is used in the first stage to remove anions from water in exchange for hydroxide.
  • HiROx – high recovery reverse osmosis: the objective of this product is achieve Zero Liquid Discharge – 100% water recovery with no water wasted to a brine stream – by combining CIF® with reverse osmosis and evaporation/crystallisation technology.
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