Process Water Treatment Industry

Multotec’s core business revolves around the supply of products and services to the mining and mineral beneficiation industries, this includes process water treatment solutions.

Our approach to process water treatment:

Our approach to water treatment is to assist in the alleviation of water shortage issues and to encourage sustainable development around the world.  

Multotec water treatment solutions are ideal for full-scale and mobile water treatment plants and offer a viable alternative, or complement, to reverse osmosis desalination on a wide range of waters.

Our treatment solutions achieve water recoveries of approximately 95% with Continuous Ionic Filtration® (CIF®) that offers a filter, separator and purifier in one solution for lower costs and maintenance times.

Process water treatment solutions offer economic, efficient and effective desalination and water recovery for agricultural grade to ultrapure water – up to 50 megalitres per day.

The mobility and automated nature of the CIF® allows for water treatment in remote locations as well as enabling the system to be operated independently and to be controlled remotely.

Benefits of our process water treatment solutions:

  • CIF® produces valuable agricultural by-products such as gypsum and other usable products
  • Modular 0.5 megalitres per day mobile water treatment plants for remote and transient operations
  • Modules can be run in series or parallel to any multiple of 0.5 megalitres per day configurations
  • Low maintenance with negligible operator requirements or intervention

What is CIF®?

CIF® is based on the foundation of IX technology, and can be compared to continuous sand filtration. In CIF®, charged resins are used as filtration media instead of sand, and in addition to removing suspended solids, CIF® also ‘filters’ dissolved salts out of the solution.

Three main processes based on CIF®:

  1. Single stage CIF® for resource recovery and dealkalisation applications

  2. Dual stage CIF (DeSALx) for desalination of water

  3. High recovery reverse osmosis (HiROx)

All three systems can be adapted to produce a zero liquid discharge (ZLD) process.

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