Process Water Treatment Industry

Water plays a vital role in the overall operations of a mineral processing plant, and any supply issues can have massive impacts on your production uptime.

Multotec ensures the water usage on your ore preparation plant is reliable, cost-effective and compliant, with a complete range of process water treatment technologies and expertise.

Our solutions can optimise the entire water cycle of your plant, from feedwater (underground, borehole and municipal bulk supply), to recirculating process water to discharge water, ensuring treatment requirements are met at each stage, and allowing you to focus on your core production activities. 

Multotec is your complete process water treatment supplier:

  • Continuous counter current ion exchange plants
  • Membrane plants
  • Ancillary equipment (pumps, screens, filter presses, etc.)
  • Laboratory services (water analysis)
  • Test work services
  • 24/7 aftersales & technical support

Whether you need a secure, cost-effective water supply, harvest saleable minerals or work towards Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD), Multotec has the technologies and expertise to meet your requirements.

Our Water Treatment Solutions:

HiROx® Technology

A highly efficient, minimum-discharge water treatment process combining CIF® and ultra-high-recovery reverse osmosis (RO).

CIF® for Process Water Treatment

CIF® for Process Water Treatment

Continuous Ionic Filtration from Multotec provides the ability to achieve high water recoveries at lower capital and operating costs.

Clean-iX® for Metals Recovery

Metal recovery is achieved through solid liquid separation and mine water treatment.

Clean-iX for metals recovery combines efficient forms of extraction with the best resin, providing an optimum solution for metals recovery.

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Benefits of our process water treatment solutions:

Multotec, in conjunction with our strategic technology partners such as Clean TeQ, a world leader in metals recovery and industrial water treatment, provides leading solutions for mineral processing plants to lower costs and improve performance of your water treatment cycle:

  • Optimised resin use for significant cost savings on inventory
  • Effectively accommodates fluctuations in feed grade
  • Selectively recover valuable, saleable trace by-products
  • Reduced downstream processing requirements – concentrated lower volume eluate
  • Reduced pre-treatment requirements, with operations up to 110 ppm TDS
  • High water recoveries (up to 97%)
  • Treat up to 50 ML/day per plant
  • Low maintenance with minimal operator requirements or intervention
  • Solutions for acid mine drainage treatment

Lowering your resin inventory costs

The resin used in ion exchange is typically the most expensive cost in ion exchange applications, and so maximising resin use and efficiency is a primary concern in process water treatment. 

By using state-of-the-art continuous ion exchange technologies, Multotec delivers enhanced resin efficiency and minimised resin inventory, while producing higher concentration of product solutions. Combined with the counter current innovation, which provides maximum reaction driving force for increased recovery as well as highly selective recovery of target metals, and you have the most efficient form of ion exchange available in the market.

Multotec will work with you in selecting the most appropriate resin for your application depending on your process condition, including:

  • Type & concentration of functional group
  • Concentration of target species
  • Presence of other species
  • Solution pH
  • Temperature
Multotec has achieved total water costs of R8/kL on mineral processing plants.

Services & Test Work

From water sampling to lab-scale test work, Multotec support your requirements to constantly lower the operating costs of your plants.

On-Site Test Work

Multotec offer clients a two-stage, 1 m3/hr test rig, which can be assembled on-site for water testing and optimisation. 

Laboratory Test Work 

We offer resin screening, IX kinetics, equilibrium isotherm and column loading & elution tests as part of our lab services.


Lowering your environmental footprint:

Our treatment solutions can achieve high water recoveries of up to 97% with Continuous Ionic Filtration® (CIF®), and low brine volumes. This technology can be used by plants working towards Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) while reclaiming valuable minerals to lower overall waste. As such, we’re helping plants become more sustainable while lowering water usage.

The modular and containerised nature of our ion exchange solutions allows for water treatment in the most remote locations.

Multotec process water treatment test rig.

Our 1 m³/hr, 2-stage test rig for piloting Clean-iX / CIF® technology applications.

We’re constantly working to lower you plant’s cost per ton.
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