Hannes Le Roux

Quick Facts

Name: Hannes Le Roux

Position at Multotec: Field Service Manager, Multotec Kathu

Started at Multotec: 2012


Originally from Namibia, Hannes joined Multotec in 2012. Having started his career as Field Service Supervisor on tiles, in 2013, Hannes went over to the panel division as a Field Service Supervisor. In 2018 he was appointed Field Service Manager at Kathu.

He describes himself as a hard worker with a strong focus on safety – one injury is one too many. In line with his commitment to safety, Hannes has a number of qualifications including SHE Learning (Swiss) GmbH, Operational Risk Management (University of Pretoria) and he has trained to work as a Health and Safety Officer (Saacosh).                                   

Business Philosophy: Accountability. “I’m responsible for myself and my fellow employees.”

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