Kris Vergote

Quick Facts

Name: Kris Vergote

Position at Multotec: General Manager, Multotec International - Africa

Started At Multotec: 2009

Vergote has extensive experience in the African mining industry and has held various positions across southern Africa from sales to technical management. In 2009, Vergote joined Multotec as a Sales Engineer. After three years of disciplined work, Vergote was promoted to Multotec’s Business Development Manager of West Africa. He now holds the position of General Manager, Multotec Botswana. 

Vergote moved to South Africa after receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering in Belgium in 1994.  Vergote’s business philosophy mirrors Multotec’s commitment to clients and believes that: “Everything starts and turns around customer centricity”.

Business Philosophy: Everything starts and turns around customer centricity

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