Michael Dexter

Quick Facts

Name: Michael Dexter

Position at Multotec: Managing Director, MOH-9 Wear Solutions Division

Started at Multotec: 1996


Dexter’s Multotec career began in 1996 when the company acquired Debex Ceramics and MOH-9, in which Dexter was positioned in its Projects Division. With experience gained in linings projects for the power generation and mining industries, he was transferred to Spartan, Johannesburg once the acquisition was complete.

Dexter’s initial Multotec role was primarily that of planning and co-ordinating the joint operations between multiple production plants and linings/projects facilities. Over the years, Dexter has fulfilled the roles of Planner, Master Planner, Internal Sales Manager, Business Analyst, Commercial Manager, General Manager, Commercial Director and Managing Director with Multotec Wear Linings. Dexter is currently serving Multotec as the Managing Director of the MOH-9 Division of Wear Solutions.

Prior to joining Debex Ceramics, Dexter had completed P1 and P2 practical training at De Beers Diamond Synthesis Plant in the Ultra High Pressure Units. He has a National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and a Senior Leadership Development Programme qualification from GIBS.

Business Philosophy: “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” (Colin Powell)

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