Thando Makhoba

Quick Facts

Name: Thando Makhoba

​​​​​Position at Multotec: Managing Director, Multotec Rubber

Started at Multotec: 2020


Thando Makhoba was appointed as the Managing Director of Multotec Rubber, effective June 2020. 

With many years’ in the mining industry, Makhoba has experience with Sandvik and Metso. He also has over 20 years’ experience across industries such as automotive, ceramic, rail systems, and construction. 

Qualified with an MBA and Mech Eng, Makhoba has a history of measurable business growth and development. Through his work across multiple industries and various companies, he has proven his managerial, technical and people skills while constantly focusing on core business operation activities and customer satisfaction. 

Makhoba specialises in sales and market growth, timely deliveries, global strategic leadership and production and logistics improvements.

Business Philosophy: Know your numbers. 

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