Seprotech Rapid Filter Press

Isolate solids and liquids in fully-automatic, energy-efficient press separation cycles with Multotec’s Seprotech rapid filter press.

Multotec’s unique designs have resulted in the Seprotech rapid filter press that is able to reduce processing times by up to 10 minutes, using only 8% of the drive-force demands of conventional hydraulic presses.

With fully-automated filling, squeezing and material dispatch and self-cleaning functions, Multotec increases the rate of content separation, lowering the overall cost per ton.

Features of Seprotech rapid filter presses:

  • Fast, automated sludge separation
  • No additional capital and operating costs
  • Comprehensive spec design and after-sales field service
  • Self-washing filters reduce downtime and manual intervention
  • Lower drive pressures prolong apparatus life and improve safety

Seprotech is a member of the Multotec Group and offers customers a complete solution for all your solid/liquid separation requirements.

Innovative designs of the Seprotech rapid filter press

Plate Clamping: The Seprotech rapid filter press plate pack is clamped into position by a rubber-compressed chamber or with hydraulic cylinders (according to your application requirements). The benefits of this system are:  

  • Safety: thanks to low-pressure water with a maximum of up to 16 bar whereas hydraulic cylinders normally run in excess of 200 bar
  • Eco-friendly: due to the absence of oil
  • Rapidefficient operation: due to the low volumes of water required

Plate Tilting: The Cake Discharge System on the Seprotech rapid filter press is also unique in that this is the only filter press available that has a plate tilt function to ensure efficient cake release. Once the press is opened, an air operated actuator tilts the plates of the entire plate pack simultaneously to discharge the cakes. The actuator then tilts the entire plate pack in the other direction to ensure the discharge of all cakes.

Cloth Washing: The Cloth Wash System on the Seprotech rapid filter press features unique spray bars that are permanently installed at the top of every plate. The bomb-bay doors are designed with steep angles and a sealing lip that hooks into position which removes any drippage beneath the press and accommodates the full flow during the wash cycle.

Multotec is committed to lowering your cost per ton processed.
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