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Sludge Filter Press

sludge filter press is an essential product for any mineral processing and dewatering application. Multotec, a global leader in the supply of mineral processing and solid/liquid separation equipment, has developed and sourced an extensive range of sludge filter presses that increase separation time and enhance overall separation efficiency.  

Multotec’s range of sludge filter presses is able to effectively and efficiently isolate solids and liquids in fully-automated, energy efficient press-separation cycles.

Multotec’s sludge filter press systems are able to reduce waste while effectively reclaiming discharged minerals. Understanding the importance of creating energy-efficient solutions that drive down operating costs, Multotec’s sludge filter press systems are able to reduce processing times by up to 10 minutes.

Features of our Sludge Filter Press systems:

  • Robust designs, built to last
  • Lower drive pressures prolong apparatus life and improve safety
  • Manufactured according to ISO 9001 standards
  • Fast, automated sludge separation
  • Lower capital and operating costs
  • Increase environmental compliance
  • Comprehensive filter press spec design and after-sales field service
  • Self-washing press filter reduce downtime and manual intervention
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Designed to lower your overall separation costs:

Reduced component stress, improved safety and lower operating costs: The clamping force produced by the sludge filter press requires just 8% of the pressure power than conventional hydraulic filter presses, meaning the process environment is safer, while the reduced stress on components ensures longer equipment lifespan.

Holistic service and maintenance support: Multotec offers strategic stockholdings and sustained, comprehensive field service and maintenance support by specially-trained engineers to ensure that your rapid filter press operates at maximum productivity efficiency through total component maintenance and fast resolutions of service downtime.


Increase separation cycle time, reduce environmental impact, and increase plant safety, all with fewer capital requirements and maintenance costs with a filter press system from Multotec.
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