Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separators (WHIMS)

Separate ferromagnetic and paramagnetic particles and tramp metals with the world’s most efficient solutions.

Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separators (WHIMS) from Multotec combine magnetism, matrix rotation and gravity to para-magnetic materials. Applications include heavy minerals, ilmenite, manganese and iron ore (haematite) beneficiation; PGM upgrading as well as manganese recovery from slimes dams. This offers innovative new approaches and technology for solving para-magnetic minerals separation processes that are as efficient as they are cost-effective.

Magnetic separators that used permanent magnets could generate fields of low intensity only. These worked well in removing ferrous tramp but not fine para-magnetic particles. High intensity magnetic separators focus on the separation of very fine particles that are para-magnetic.

The current is passed through the coil, which creates a magnetic field. This magnetises the yoke and finally the matrix ring. The para-magnetic matrix material behaves like a magnet and attracts the fines. The ring is rinsed when it is out of the magnetic field and all the magnetic particles are carried into a magnetised launder within the rinse water. This technology also employs unparalleled high gradients to allow recovery of fine material down to 15 micron.

The WHIMS was specially adapted by Multotec to accommodate the demands of the African environment. This has resulted in highly specialised magnetic separation equipment that complements and enhances Multotec’s existing solution offering.

  • Operator confidence
  • Lower operating costs
  • Easy, reliable process performance
  • Fine, weakly magnetic minerals recovery from slurries
  • High efficiency paramagnetic particles collection
  • High intensity, high gradient electrical magnet – 17 000 Gauss
  • Stainless steel and coil casing offers increased scaling and corrosion resistance

The WHIMS is ideal for Ilmenite recovery and Silica sand cleaning. The WHIMS recovers fine, weakly magnetic minerals from slurries.

Extract harmful magnetic matter from your process stream with maximum efficiency.
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