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  • Reducing Demagnetising Coil Inefficiencies (Jan 2015)

    Demagnetising coils are commonly used in the minerals processing industry to demagnetise magnetised slurry. Longi-Multotec now offers a solution that addresses these issues and provides continuous, high frequency demagnetisation, which will assist in preventing medium losses and may also i... READ MORE

  • Multotec is the Global Leader in Trommel Screen Design & Manufacture (Jan 2015)

    Multotec is the global leader in trommel screen design and manufacture and has been supplying the market for more than 20 years.   READ MORE

  • Multotec Positions Itself as a Full Wear Linings Solutions Provider (Dec 2014)

    As the pioneer of wear lining materials in the minerals processing and materials handling sectors, Multotec Wear Linings is well positioned to provide a far more holistic approach to managing wear READ MORE

  • Multotec's Multi-Product Capability Allows It to Tackle Opportunities from Africa to South America and Beyond (Nov 2014)

    Multotec has concentrated successfully on adding more consumable and capital products to its range in order to be able to meet changing client requirements. READ MORE

  • Multotec Celebrates 40 Years of Reducing Costs, Adding Value to the Minerals Processing Industry (Oct 2014)

    From screens to cyclones and chutes, Multotec’s ongoing focus is to reduce the operating costs of mineral processing plants. “The efficiencies that we can introduce for our customers are tangible and can have a major impact on the bottom line,” Thomas Holtz, Multotec CEO, says... READ MORE

  • Managing Mill Liner Optimisation with Multotec Rubber Solutions (Sep 2014)

    Multotec ensures that liner design is optimal for the life of the liners and performs condition monitoring on installed liners to ensure maximised uptime by facilitating proactive maintenance. READ MORE

  • Longi-Multotec WHIMS Equipment Performing Well In Test Conditions
    (Sep 2014)

    Field testing on the Longi-Multotec Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separators (WHIMS), in all minerals sectors, is producing excellent results. Minor adaptations to the Longi WHIMS, to accommodate the demands of the African environment, have resulted in magnetic separation equipment that clearly c... READ MORE

  • Continuous Ionic Filtration (CIF®) Takes Filtration To The Next Level (Sep 2014)

    Multotec has recently launched a water treatment and metals recovery solutions and services division in partnership with Australian company, CleanTeQ. READ MORE

  • Multotec Supplies Continuous Ion Filtration (CIF) Systems in Africa (Aug 2014)

    Applying continuous ion filtration (CIFTM) in the mining industry will bring significant benefits, and Multotec is poised to do this following its recent announcement that the company will be launching water processing solutions in Africa in partnership with Australian company CleanT... READ MORE

  • Multotec Offers Hydrocyclone Optimisation for Maximum Mineral Processing Efficiency (Aug 2014)

    Multotec features a broad range of hydrocyclones, used for classification in mineral processing, to ensure your operation runs at peak efficiency. READ MORE

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