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  • Repair and Maintenance has Evolved to Achieve Current Management Aims (Jan 2014)

    With the mining industry’s intensifying focus on managing the life cycle cost of its equipment, the nature of the repair and maintenance model has evolved so that today these suppliers have become an integral part of the decision-making process driving an operation’s maintenanc... READ MORE

  • Octogenarian EJ Holtz Celebrates 40 Years at Multotec (Jan 2014)

    The success of a business is primarily based on three elements: the products or services it provides; its management team and its employees. Undeniably, the leadership of its co-founder – Ernst Joachim (EJ) Holtz – has played a huge role in the growth trajectory of the company. READ MORE

  • High-Alumina Ceramic Nozzles Increase Productivity (Jan 2014)

    Multotec develops and manufactures a range of high-alumina ceramic nozzles for applications involving gases or liquids and solutions, which are corrosive and abrasive in nature. READ MORE

  • Young, Energetic Leadership Team Propels Multotec into 2014 (Dec 2013)

    Multotec leadership underwent a changing of the guard in its top management during 2013 that has heralded in some young and energetic business unit managing directors who will work alongside Group stalwarts to lead the organisation forward. READ MORE

  • Mineral Process Equipment Must Be Competitive on a Global Basis (Nov 2013)

    Operating in the international mining industry has almost become a non-negotiable in today’s exacting mining climate, in which the focus is strongly on optimising existing assets. This exposure ensures that South African companies are able to offer products to the local industry that... READ MORE

  • Multotec Sets Up Bonded Warehouse in Ghana to Serve West African Region (Nov 2013)

    Multotec has established a bonded warehouse at Tema Port on the Atlantic coast of Ghana that will drastically reduce its equipment supply lead times to mining operations in Ghana, Burkina Faso and Mali. READ MORE

  • Strong Focus on Zambian Copperbelt (Oct 2013)

    Multotec is stepping up its focus on the Zambian market, including the southern and eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Malawi. Its customers in these areas are serviced out of Multotec Zambia in Chingola in the Copperbelt, established in April 2001 as a regional hub... READ MORE

  • Multotec Rolls Out Hawkeye® Monitoring System to Mill Liner Market (Aug 2013)

    Hawkeye® is a visual, simple and easy to understand wear-based monitoring system which will enable end users to monitor mill liner life cycles. READ MORE

  • Multotec Trommels Operating in all Four Corners of the World (July 2013)

    Multotec is a leading manufacturer of trommel screens to the global mining industry, having supplied these products to mining operations around the world for the past two decades. READ MORE

  • Multotec Evolves Coal Sector Offer In Line With Latest Trends (June 2013)

    Specialised equipment supplier Multotec is evolving its offering to the coal sector in line with the latest trends emerging from end user operations. READ MORE

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