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  • Multotecs Green Dot Tiles Alert To Timeous Replacement Of Linings (September 2016)

    The ability to timeously monitor wear on chute linings can provide processing plants with substantial savings in terms of operational and maintenance costs as well as reducing unplanned downtime.  READ MORE

  • Multotec Improves Recoveries, Grades And Yields (September 2016)

    Northam Chrome Producers is realising improved recoveries, better grades and higher yields following the retrofit of Multotec spirals at its recovery plant. READ MORE

  • Most Affordable Mill Liner Profile Condition Monitoring System (August 2016)

    With the volatility of commodity prices today it is critical that mines are able to optimise the operating costs of the entire plant, and this need has seen an increased focus on achieving the desired grind efficiency in mills. READ MORE

  • The MATO Diagonal Trial A Success in Botswana (July 2016)

    The MATO team recently tested the cross border market by trialing it at one of our customers based in Botswana, a market never tested and one full of opportunities and potential. READ MORE

  • Multotec Finishes Assembling A Batch of Specialised Vertical Spindle Pumps (July 2016)

    We recently finished the assembly of a batch of specialised Multotec Vertical Spindle pumps. READ MORE

  • Multotec Drives Down DMS Maintenance Costs (July 2016)

    Maintenance is a critical requirement for any minerals processing plant and Multotec has made it easier for mines to implement a pro-active programme on Dense Medium Separation (DMS) plants. READ MORE

  • Multotec Manufactures SS100 Cyclone For International Client (June 2016)

    Multotec draws on decades of experience to customise application specific solutions for customers across the globe. READ MORE

  • Laboratory And Ore Analysis (June 2016)

    Taking better ore samples will produce better-quality results. This sounds easier said than done, especially in mining applications where often consignments of many thousands of tons of ore product needs to be represented by final composite ore sample sizes that wouldn’t fill a teaspoon. READ MORE

  • Select Screen Media To Optimise Processes (June 2016)

    Asset optimisation is the primary objective across all mining houses, however the translation of what this means is different depending on the commodity, the mining process and the level at which decisions are made.   READ MORE

  • Striving For Zero Liquid Discharge (May 2016)

    Water scarcity is probably the biggest driver for mining companies to strive towards zero liquid discharge (ZLD) during water and wastewater treatment. Therefore, new technologies and innovative solutions are the current and best future trends. READ MORE

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