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  • Water And Sanitation Africa’s Panel Discussion (November 2015)

    The panel discussion will take the form of questions and answers on this important topic of providing water purification services for remote locations in Africa, including mines, building projects, plants and clean water provision for communities. READ MORE

  • The History Behind Multotec’s Test Plants (November 2015)

    Multotec has sold 35 pilot test plants since delivery and installation of its very first pilot test plant in 2002. READ MORE

  • Increasing Efficiencies In Screening With Customised Solutions (November 2015)

    As the demand for enhanced efficiencies and throughput increases, the market is seeking out solutions that have a proven track record, yet can be customised to suit specific applications. The ability to stay abreast of technological changes and implement smarter more cost effective ways of... READ MORE

  • Design Investigation Through CFD Analysis Of A Cyclone (November 2015)

    Multotec is currently in the process of performing an in depth CFD analysis on our classification cyclones. The objective of the study is to create representative CFD models of classification cyclones with several different geometric variances. Evaluation of the flow and separation charact... READ MORE

  • Multotec Appoints Dedicated Sampling Specialist (October 2015)

    Multotec has appointed sampling specialist, Rolf Steinhaus, to offer a dedicated sampling consulting service to mining and engineering companies. READ MORE

  • Multotec Supports Drive For quality Coal Sampling (October 2015)

    With the current drive to encourage coal suppliers, particularly those providing coal to Eskom, to conform to a specific quality of coal, leading mineral process solutions provider Multotec has been approached from several quarters of the industry to address the focal issue of coal samplin... READ MORE

  • Multotec Burkina Faso first Technical Seminar an outstanding success (August 2015)

    Multotec hosted its maiden Ghana technical seminar in Burkina Faso for technical personal from West African mining operations. READ MORE

  • Multotec's Hawkeye® System Allows Customers to Drive Down Screen Panel Costs Using Predictive Maintenance

    Multotec is playing an important role in helping its customers to improve the throughput and efficiencies of beneficiation circuits with innovations such as Hawkeye®. READ MORE

  • Multotec Grows its Screen Panel Brand Through Collaboration with Strategic Partners (June 2015)

    Early last year Multotec’s stated aim was to become the leading screening media technology solutions provider for the global minerals processing industry within the next decade. READ MORE

  • Multotec Botswana Continues to Grow and Extend its Offerings (June 2015)

    Technical expertise and applications knowledge, through a team of product specialists and skilled field service personnel, has seen Multotec grow its market share in Botswana. READ MORE

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